Florida Part 2

Hi! This is Tegan and I just went to Florida and had a awesome time, so I am going to tell  you what I did.

So get ready

to get started?!

First, I swam in the pool and had a lot of fun. I went for a walk on the beach and found shells and a few snails.  I saw a manatee.  It is not that cool.  It looked like a gray blob.  Thanks for reading.

Florida!! Part 1

Hi! I am Tegan and I am going to Florida on Friday the 14th. Here’s what I want to do when I am in Florida.

#1 swim,swim,swim and swim.

I have lots and lots of fun things to do in Florida but on the airplane what would I do? Well I could read or write and maybe rest for a little bit and then play

on my Mom’s phone.  When we get there, I could help get the suit-cases.

Well that is all I can say wright now.  If you want the rest of what I do in Florida, check back soon.

Name of next post is Florida Part 2!!